LiveGlam Could Be Your Makeup Bestie!

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LiveGlam is one of my makeup besties!

I’ve been a fan of LiveGlam for quite a while now and I didn’t know what services they offered until I looked at the actual website. On the LiveGlam website, I noticed they offered makeup courses and monthly subscription services that consumers can take part in. Whether you want to brush up on your makeup kit, find a new liquid lipstick, or get your hands on new nail polishes, LiveGlam is where everything is at. It’s literally like having a virtual makeup bestie!

LiveGlam helps consumers, like you and me alike, discover and indulge in makeup and beauty products we really love. I just found out that LiveGlam has generated a lot of buzz for creating the world’s first monthly makeup brush club and liquid lipstick club! They have also been featured in Cosmopolitan, PopSugar, InStyle, Seventeen and Marie Claire (how cool!).

In this post I will share some information of the Monthly Clubs you can take part in based on your needs if you are looking into something new.


LiveGlam – MorpheMe Club

LiveGlam MorpheMe Monthly Club


LiveGlam’s MorpheMe monthly club is the world’s first makeup brush club. Members get $30 of NEW makeup brushes each month for only $19.99 USD/month plus free shipping in the U.S.

Members get access to monthly how-to videos and an extensive brush breakdown. Members never get the same brush twice.



I’ve been subscribed to the MorpheMe Club since May 2016 and I never skipped a month! I have an abundance of Morphe brushes. I use the brushes I receive in my professional makeup kit and save others for my personal use. I’m obsessed with this service! The above photo is a photo from my Instagram of one of the brush sets I received from my MorpheMe subscription. I will do another post in the future of all of the brushes I received from day one. ♥


Join LiveGlam Makeup Brush Club


LiveGlam – KissMe Club

LiveGlam KissMe Monthly Club


liveglam kissme


LiveGlam’s KissMe monthly club is the world’s first liquid lipstick club. Members get 3 new liquid matte lipsticks each month for only $19.99 USD/month plus free shipping in the U.S.

Members will get 3 new liquid lipstick shades every month for less than the price of 1. Members also can swap out the upcoming shades for another set if they are not feeling the upcoming shades too. Every month members will get a new liquid lipstick color that is always on trend and never receive the same lipstick twice.




LiveGlam – PolishMe Club

LiveGlam Polish Me Monthly Club


LiveGlam’s PolishMe monthly club is for people who want their mani to match their shoes – you can get exactly what you need. Members get 3 new gel-like nail polishes each month for only $19.99 USD/month plus free shipping in the U.S.

This club is perfect for DIY nail enthusiasts. Members will have access to fun, nail art videos too.


Which LiveGlam club would you join?


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