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I’m pretty sure you’ve heard a lot of buzz on this LORAC Pro Palette over the past week or so. As much of a makeup freak I am, I felt like I was having some kind of anxiety when this palette was released…I had to have it! Crazy right? There is a perfect combination of highly PIGMENTED matte and shimmer shades that range from neutral to smoky shades you’ll love and adore.



LORAC Pro Palette and Mini LORAC Behind the Scenes Eye Primer


I purchased my LORAC Pro Palette + Mini Behind the Scenes Eye Primer at ULTA for $42 USD.

This palette was “created by celebrity makeup artist Carol Shaw, this PRO artistry palette is packed with 8 shimmer and 8 matte eye shadows in all the shades you need to create the hottest looks straight from the Red Carpet. LORAC’s velvety-smooth shadows are infused with soothing botanicals and are ultra-pigmented to perform wet or dry so you can shade, shadow, line and define your eyes, just like a PRO.”



LORAC Pro Palette and Mini LORAC Behind the Scenes Eye Primer


The palette contains 16 colors of which do not have unique names:

  • White (matte)
  • Cream (matte)
  • Taupe (matte)
  • Lt. Pink (matte)
  • Mauve (matte)
  • Sable (matte)
  • Espresso (matte)
  • Black (matte)
  • Nude (shimmer)
  • Champagne (shimmer)
  • Gold (shimmer) – my FAVORITE
  • Lt. Bronze (shimmer)
  • Pewter (shimmer)
  • Garnet (shimmer) – my FAVORITE
  • Deep Purple (shimmer)
  • Slate (shimmer)



LORAC Pro Palette



LORAC Pro Palette (size)


I cannot express how highly-pigmented all of the eye shadows are in this palette. The description of the palette quoted above is as accurate as I will get on how freaking awesome this is. I think any beauty lover and/or makeup artist will enjoy this LORAC Pro Palette. If I could purchase this palette and give one to every beauty lover/makeup artist I know, I would so they’ll love it as much as I do!

If you lean towards more matte eye shadows, I know you will love this palette! Not only does it have every color you need to get the perfect look, but it is packaged so thin and sleek to where you can bring it everywhere with you (photo shown above). The packaging feels similar to NARS makeup, that smooth velvety feeling when you hold a NARS product; that’s how it feels. I find it so ironic because they describe the eye shadows as “velvety-smooth” just like the packaging. *Laughs out loud.

Below you will see swatches of each eye shadow with and without the eye primer.



LORAC Pro Palette Eye Shadows


LORAC Pro Palette Swatches with NO BASE


LORAC Pro Palette Swatches with BASE



LORAC Pro Palette Eye Shadows


LORAC Pro Palette Swatches with NO BASE


LORAC Pro Palette Swatches with BASE



LORAC Behind the Scenes Eye Primer


LORAC Behind the Scenes Eye Primer (Blended)


This may sound a bit dramatic but this may be by far the best neutral palette I own to date. Ahem, that leaves behind Urban Decay’s Naked Palette and Stila’s In the Light Palette of which I still love and adore but this LORAC Pro Palette will be my “go-to” palette from now on.

If you can get your hands on this palette, you should get it before they are out of stock. I may need to buy another one for my freelance makeup kit. I’m pretty darn sure my clients will love it too! Oh and I forgot to mention, you are getting 16 eye shadows for $42, whereas, in the Urban Decay Naked Palettes you are getting 12 eye shadows for $50. If you don’t own any neutral palettes, try the LORAC Pro Palette first since you’ll get a bang for the buck.


What are your thoughts on the new LORAC Pro Palette? Will you be purchasing one for yourself too? Or do you think this is another gimmick from a brand to have you purchase another neutral palette? Feel free to leave your comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts. 😀



Price: $42 USD

Availability: ULTA

Overall: My overall thought of this palette is that this by far is the best neutral eyeshadow palette I own to date. Yes, there are so many other palettes to choose from in the market, but I love the LORAC Pro Palette. The creator of this palette, Carol Shaw, is a celebrity makeup artist so she knows what colors work in a “PRO” palette. I recommend this palette to YOU and everyone else. The eye shadows feel so silky and are so pigmented; you will not be let down! I promise.

Rating: A+


6 Responses
  • Beauty By Krystal
    September 26, 2012

    OMG! I want this so bad! Xmas list! 🙂

    • brigette
      September 26, 2012


      I have so many things on my xmas list…it’s unbelievable. LOL. ;P

  • Christina
    September 29, 2012

    Just found your blog via a google Lorac search and I love it!

    Brigette, thanks for the review and swatches! I’ve been debating whether to buy the UD Naked2 palette but after seeing the colors in Lorac’s pro palette I think I may go with this one. It’s also less inexpensive! Which do you prefer?
    By the way have you seen the Lorac femme fatale palette ($14) at Nordstrom Rack? I’m going to see if I can find it this weekend.

    • brigette
      September 29, 2012

      Hi Christina, thank you so much for your comment. I love the UD naked palettes but I really do prefer the LORAC Pro Palette because there is an even amount of mattes and shimmers…a definite huge plus for me. 🙂 I haven’t seen the LORAC femme fatale palette at my nearest Nordstrom Rack though. Try checking online for it, I saw a sale a few weeks ago on Hautelook so be on the look out for good deals on it. 😀

  • GlossyGlam
    October 11, 2013

    I just bought the UD Naked palette (I know I’m behind the times haha). Perhaps I’ll take a look at this one next!


      October 11, 2013

      I love the UD Naked Palette but the LORAC is still my go-to everyday. 🙂 Enjoy the Naked palette and when you’re ready get the LORAC one and tell me how you like it.

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