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Brigette is 29 years old, born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii and currently residing in Austin, Texas. Her love and fascination for makeup and beauty began during her first semester in college at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. Throughout her college years, she established herself as a professional makeup artist and self-proclaimed beauty junkie. With the encouragement of her family and friends, she decided to pursue a career in the makeup and beauty industry. With a Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree in hand, she became a bona fide beauty enthusiast.

Aside from her interest in makeup and beauty, to say the least, Brigette loves to spend quality time with loved ones and her hobbies consists of watching movies, going on hikes and going on adventures. Brigette also loves her dear tuxedo cat, Washington and Corgi dog, Winnie. She’s just a normal girl who loves girly things, adventure and a chill time.

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brigette’s beauty journey…

In October of 2012, Brigette took her passion to the next level and landed a job at Sephora as a Certified Makeup Artist! Working for Sephora from 2012-2015 has helped her grow as a beauty enthusiast, makeup artist and a beauty blogger as a whole. Her passion and inspiration grows everyday with all of the diverse people she meets every single day. In 2013 she’s had the amazing opportunity to work in the film industry as a Makeup Artist as well as an Assisting Makeup Artist for movies shot in Austin, Texas! She’s worked alongside other well-known Makeup Artist’s in the industry that inspired Brigette to be the best artist she could be.

Brigette loves to light that fire so that her passion and inspiration will keep growing! She’s currently blogging full time and taking her passion for this industry to a whole ‘nother level by putting her name out there as a beauty enthusiast and makeup artist! If you’d like to see some of her professional makeup artistry, visit her business page over at Luxe and Lotus Beauty. There you’ll get to see other YouTube videos related to makeup artistry and you get to meet her business partner, Christina who is also a pro makeup artist and beauty blogger.


why blogging, you ask?

Brigette’s passion for makeup, art and beauty (and with the help of Kyson, her husband) has inspired her to create this blog and was created in July of 2012. Love Brigette allows Brigette to share her thoughts, experiences and intellectual knowledge of all things beauty with you. Brigette looks forward to interacting and building relationships with you and to become familiar with your insights about the beauty world.

love brigette’s mantra.

Let’s light the way for other aspiring beauty bloggers, beauty enthusiasts and everything in between so their fire will keep burning and the passion and inspiration will keep growing…

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If you are a brand, PR company or just want to contact me, go to my contact page for ways to contact me or email me directly at itslovebrigette[at]gmail.com – Please allow 24-48 hours for a response during normal business hours on Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (CST).